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Deep Tissue Treatment

 Deep tissue treatment for the aches and pains, stresses and strains we put our bodies through in everyday life and during activity. A very poplar injury preventer, especially popular within marathon runners programmes and for office/daily stress. Assists in the recovery of soreness and tension following activity or where your work environment may require you to spend long periods of sitting or standing. By treating muscle tightness, stress and tension it can be a very good performance enhancer for those in intense training and activity.

Very popular with those who work at a desk who have a regular neck back and shoulder treatment to keep muscular aches and pains at bay.

Our Aim

An excellent tool for general circulation, lymphatic flow and promoting flexibility helps with scar tissue release/reduction. Relief of muscle soreness and DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) e.g. after intense activity (Offer available)


Deep tissue massage focusing on a combination of soft tissue techniques , muscle energy, myofacial release, neuromuscular , trigger point work, and specialist stretching and may involve heat and/or hot basalt stones to encourage blood flow and help muscles to relax faster. We have a G5 massager for particular unyielding solid muscles.


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