Active Sports Therapy Services Involve

Effective treatment for dysfunction in joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and all areas with aches and pains. Both Chronic and recent trauma/ injuries. A comprehensive taking of a history and performing a thorough systematic examination, followed by an explanation of the diagnosis and an effective treatment and a recovery programme. Our highly skilled therapists can also explain if your condition would be best served by you to seeing a consultant. In this case a referral a note can be written to your GP or specialist.

massage, mobilisation, manipulation, electrotherapy, exercise, taping, and acupuncture

A must for those returning to activity/sport, also those who have been injured and are in need of an effective recovery programme. We also see people for pre-op exercise to enhance your ability to cope post-operatively.


Large on site gym and outdoor area fully equipped so you can be assessed effectively. The implementation of a specific individual programme to enhance movement, improve and develop strength, power, flexibility, balance, and core stability to address the complexities and specifics of sport/exercise or get you back to every day life.

Deep tissue treatment for the aches and pains, stresses and strains we put our bodies through in everyday life and during activity. A very poplar injury preventer, Methods: Massage, trigger point work, specialist stretching, may involve heat lamp, hot stones or G5 massager.

Lower limb bio-mechanical assessment to determine if your foot anatomy and function is the cause of your problem. A temporary orthotic (shoe insert) can be made to see if there is a requirement for custom made or off the shelf orthotics.

An Important check on common conditions that affect the feet from care of the nails, treatment of verruca’s, corns and callus, especially important for diabetics and the elderly and to prevent pain during sport and exercise.

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