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Gym Equipment Available to You

We have a small selection of products at competitive prices which can help aches, pains, injury, recovery and fitness.

No need to wait or pay for postage. Either telephone or call in and buy on the spot.

Sporttape performance tape support and and pain relief without resitrictions £10

Heat/cool packs 100% natural wheat/lavender packs £7 each or £10 for two
Tape and strapping various types from zinc oxide, cohesive, elasticated etc. and the very popular coloured Kinesiology tape. From £3 to £8
Ankle supports lace up for hockey, netball , football etc £20
Elasticated tubular bandage 1metre various sizes. From £2.50 to £5
Rubbeez muscle and joint cream an exceptional product that we use in our clinic 100% natural (replaces fisiocrem) 75ml £6 250ml £15 

Fitness balls inflatable exercise balls sizes 55cm to 85cm. From £15 to £22
Soft balls 20cm inflatable ball for rehabilitation exercise and core work, very popular. £7
Elastic fitness bands, the gym in your pocket. Light to heavy resistance. Coloured from yellow, red, green, blue and black. From £2.50 to £5
IT band compression strap. Helps with eliminating pain on outside of knee associated with Iliotibial band syndrome £12

Patella strap. Helps with pain associated with patella tendon £12
Thigh support heat and compression for thigh pain £15
Wobble cushions with pump for core and balance £20
Posture supports Very good for shoulders of those who spend their working days bent forward i.e. car mechanics £15
Lumbar supports very good for those who get discomfort while driving or sitting all day. D shape and circular soft and firm. From £10 to £15
Foam rollers for massage, stretching, yoga, Pilates. D shape and round 45cm. and round 90cm. From £8 to £15


Dynamint Musculoskeletal revitalisation balm/cream all natural ingredients 30ml £2.50 or 120ml £7.00

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