Assessment and Treatment of Feet and Lower Limbs

What is important throughout every day life is that we keep ourselves mobile. Tenderness and aching in the feet can be the catalyst to pain through out your body. Podiatists are specialists in the assessment and treatment of feet and lower limbs for biomechanical dysfunction and musculoskeletal injury. Their skills can determine if your foot pain or discomfort is down to dysfunction, disease or simply the shoes you wear, be they extremely high heels, every day ware or even your sports shoes.

Your Assessment

At AST we are not going to just make you pay a high price for orthotics that have to be changed again and again. Our one hour session is to determine why you have pain, and how it can be alleviated. During the assessment a temporary orthotic will be made, if this is effective then a more permanent one can be manufactured especially for your needs.

Please ensure that you bring a good selection of shoes and trainers to your assessment and a pair of shorts for examination of your lower limbs.


An important check on common conditions that affect the feet from care of the nails, treatment of ingrown toenails, verruca’s, corns, callus, hard skin, bunions etc. A regular check for diabetics and the elderly is essential. Also a key treatment for sports people and those on their feet all day i.e. hotel staff, shop assistants, hairdressers, flight attendants etc. (offer available)

Health Insurance

Please ask our secretary if you insurance covers Podiatry and Chiropody, as not all do.


For self paying costs go to our Fees Page.

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