Fully Focused Rehabilitation Centre

We Treat

All musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerve irritations. Chronic and recent trauma/injuries. Recovery after surgery and broken bones especially if you have been in a cast. All areas with aches and pains including headaches and arthritic pain.

Your Assessment

At AST it is not a case of us telling you to rest and we ultra-sound an injury and expect a full recovery, you will never be short changed on time and effort here. We want to find the cause and the effect of your problem and also give you the knowledge and time scales for recovery that will enable you to help yourself. 

From the minute we see you for the first time, we observe your movement, posture and coping strategies. A through investigation involves you giving us a history and telling us your symptoms and when they occur. We then use a minimum of 6 testing methods to analyse and determine your condition.

Our Aim

Is to get you better by relieving pain and restoring movement. Improve, your ability to cope with both chronic and acute conditions, to get you back everyday life. Get you back to activity and sports and give you the capacity to improve function gradually as you recover. A fully focused rehabilitation programme can help you return to your pre-injury state, daily activities and exercise/sporting performance (Offer available)

Clinical Methods

Massage, mobilisation, manipulation, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy (ultra sound, laser, interferential) acupuncture, remedial exercise and sports specific rehabilitation.

Consultant Referral

Your consultant may refer you to us and send us a letter saying what he/she may expect us to treat. Equally our highly skilled therapists can determine if your condition would be best served by you seeing a consultant. In this case a referral note can be written to your GP or specialist.

Health Insurance

If you have a private or corporate medical/health policy your physiotherapy should cover all or part of your treatment i.e. Aviva, AXA PPP, BUPA, Cigna, Groupama, HSA, HSF, Pruhealth, Simplyhealth WPA etc.

Our secretary can help you through the complexities of your cover i.e. what you might have to do to initiate that cover, and information you need to give us prior to your first appointment. Any short fall in your cover will ultimately have to be paid by you.


For self paying costs go to our Fees Page.

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