Therapy Prices

(We cover all insurance/health insurance and cash back companies. Information available upon request)

Self Pay Fee Structure (non insurance claims)

Loyalty Rewards: All Self- paying customers (Those not get refunds through health/medical insurance only) will be given a loyalty card to get 8th session free. Also if you refer a friend to us you will gain a tick.

Physiotherapy/Pre/rehabilitation: Initial session up to 1 hour £65.00 (concession available for retired/OAP’s and children Under 16) £55.00

Subsequent sessions: 1 hour £60.00,¾ hours £52.50,½ hour £45.00

Sports Massage:
Initial session 1 ½ hours £70.00 or 1 hours £55.00

Subsequent sessions: 1 ½ hours £70.00,1 hour £55.00, ½ hour £40.00

OFFER: Sports massage 'buddy up' sessions for 30 minutes each only £55 between you or £70 between you for 45 minutes each (Fridays only)

What is a buddy up session? This is where 2 regular patients book for 1 or 1 1/2 hours between them (Please note you both have to attend)

Chiropody: £33.00 per session (Concession for retired/OAP’S and children Under 16) £28.00

Podiatry: Initial biomechanics assessment: 1 hour £65

Bespoke Orthotics Package £325includes initial assessment (with temporary orthosis) cast session, fitting and review sessions and orthotics.

Please be aware that we have a minimum of 24 hours notice for alteration or cancellation of an appointment

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