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Welcome to the website of Active Sports Therapy (AST). We are the longest standing and largest practice in the area with 7 people available for your needs. Our clinic has 5 treatment rooms, a large gym, outdoor facility, reception, changing room and free parking.

AST is a multi-skilled practice available for one and all. We have physiotherapists, sports therapists and podiatry/chiropody. This year we are introducing hypnotherapy as well. Our strength has been built on a reputation of success in caring for you. Our core values are to respect the needs of every individual who comes through our doors who are looking for their problems to be treated, our good reputation comes from a success in treating patients from all walks of life and careful consideration of their needs. Whether they seek to improve their sporting prowess, improve fitness or simply want to get back to every day living.

We believe that it is vital to give realistic deadlines to client expectations and our success depends on our ability to communicate and work hard to ensure each and everyone’s aspirations and goals, where possible, are met.

A substantial amount of our businesses is by self referral and recommendations through word of mouth. We also have a very good relationship with MSK and Orthopaedic Consultants, GP’s, Sports Associations and Coaches. We are trusted by them to care for those that they refer to us. Likewise, we refer to specialists or GP's for further investigations, if our diagnosis shows it would be more appropriate.

Visitors are always saying how different we are to what they expected .This is because we are very innovative in our approach to your care, taking tried and tested methods and mixing them with fresh and modern trends. Our flair and enthusiasm is infectious across all of our multi disciplined team who cross refer and inspire each other, backed up by continued professional development and on site training.

AST is very proud to have a long history of working with high performance sports men and women, from Athletics, dance, gymnastics, motor sport, polo. Many of which have been televised events. It has been an honour to play our part in helping people of all ages determine and realise their goals at regional, national, international level, and even their Olympic dreams. You can be sure that our staff will try to assist you as much as possible.

We are proud to continue sponsorship for the 2016 season of Gino Rea (WSS World Super Sports). We worked with the BBC on Tumble in 2014

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